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The Partnering Initiative is an independent not-for-profit at the forefront of driving innovative cross-sectoral collaborative action for a sustainable future. We worked closely with TPI in order to setup a website that could accommodate future growth of the organisation comfortably, and respond to changes in both layout and content easily. TPI have a well populated blog which we migrated from their previous website together with imagery and categorisation. Part of the website structure included an area for members to signup and download pdfs from the website. Overall the website looking forward needed to be responsive, whilst maintaining simplicity in both form and content for viewing on platforms around the world that may not have fast internet access. As part of our collaboration with The Partnering Initiative, we worked closely with the team to train in the use of WordPress and issues in relation to online content such as SEO and internal link building. As part of our ongoing work with TPI we have recently produced the Zambia Business in Development Facility Website (ZBIDF ) as part of their Business Partnership Action (BPA) Initiative.

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May 11, 2016